Help us Relaunch the Picture House!


Supporters of Abbeydale Picture House – assemble!

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign on to help continue our restoration and upgrade work at The Abbeydale Picture House, and we want you to be a part of it.

Currently, the licensed events we host – including film screenings, weddings, gigs, parties, wrestling matches and conferences – are using temporary licenses, of which we are limited to 15 per year per address.

We have decided it is time to ask for help in raising the funds necessary to help us gain a full premises license for the building.

With a premises license, we will be able to run licensed events every day of the year, and run a bar at each of these events, raising much needed funds to improve the building.

In order to gain the full license we need to:

  • install a new fire alarm
  • improve the toilets
  • improve the fire escapes
  • upgrade the disabled access
  • upgrade our CCTV system

Here’s where you come in: For our crowdfunding campaign to succeed, we need as much help as possible, both financially and in shouting about the work we are doing.

You can donate right now at this address:

We are also looking to recruit volunteers to help us spread the word and promote the project. If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping us please send an email to Whether you just want to know more in order to help us get the word out, or can offer time to help with things like distributing leaflets and making contact with local community groups, any help will be needed and appreciated.

Thanks for getting this far, and please keep your eyes peeled for many more updates from us!