Come celebrate the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter’s The Thing with a screening of the film alongside Big Trouble in Little China

I am happy to announce that on Saturday 26th August The Abbeydale Picture House will host a double bill, back to back showing of John Carpenter’s The Thing followed by Big Trouble in Little China brought to you by Reel Steel in honour of the former’s 35th anniversary.


Twas’ the summer of 1982 which saw the release of the timelessly eerie The Thing, a film which, due to the shape-changing nature of the titular ‘Thing’, made me suspicious of certain family members when I was younger. The ambiguous ending to the film only served to further my youthful self’s paranoia surrounding shape-shifting ‘things’ one of which may or may not have assumed the form of my mother. I would love to explain said ambiguity but, for the sake of those who have yet to see this horror classic, I fear it may ruin much of the ending. Almost forgot to mention, Kurt Russel’s character is called R.J. MacReady and, as his name suggests, he’s pretty much ready for whatever comes his way.


Four years later (not far off being exactly to the date) Carpenter released Big Trouble in Little China again with Russell in the lead role as Jack Burton. A film described as an ‘action, adventure, comedy, kung fu, ghost story, monster movie’ which sees truck driver Burton caught up in a supernatural conflict with Chinese gangs, who’s expertise include martial arts and over the top 80’s eastern mysticism, naturally this all takes place on the streets of San Francisco. Truck driver Jack Burton brings bravado, brilliant one liners and a disregard for how to use bullets economically to the table.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you would be interested in and find yourself in desperate need of further information, check out our Facebook event page or you can simply buy tickets here.

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