Alien and Predator at The Abbeydale Picture House

No, you did not misread the title, that is Alien and Predator as opposed to Alien vs Predator. We will be bringing the premier outing for two of films most iconic aliens, before the titular intergalactic predators were ever destined to do battle, they spent their time causing nigh-insurmountable terror to humans on and off planet earth.

While doors open at 6pm on Saturday November 11th, we will not be kicking off proceedings until 7pm, giving guests a chance to compile snacks and drinks before strapping themselves in for a thrill ride. Both films are sure to exhilarate the viewer pitting humans against the most cerebral hunters in star-crossed games of cat and mouse.

At 7pm we will be jetting off to the far-flung future alongside the crew of the commercial cruiser, The Nostromo, where we meet Sigourney Weaver’s now-legendary sci-fi heroine Lieutenant Ellen Ripley and remain firmly glued to our seats as she uses her substantial supply of wit, cunning and weapons expertise to combat the threat of the unknown extraterrestrial haunting the ship and stalking the crew. Alien is as much a spectacle for it’s phenomenal visuals and terrifying villain as it is for Weaver’s portrayal of Ripley, presenting viewers with perhaps the first  non-sexualised, female science fiction protagonist in mainstream cinema, bucking the trend established by patriarchal sci-fi adventures which came prior.

After a brief, half-hour interval at 9pm, we are right back at it with Predator which sees Austrian Adonis Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer lead a covert team into the treacherous terrains of the Val Verde jungles with the original intention of rescuing fellow countrymen who are being held captive by a group of insurgents only to stumble upon a threat far more imminent.

Before Arnie found his thrills manoeuvring through the ranks of the American political system he enjoyed the simpler life, combating and outmanoeuvring a predator so lethal it was named just that, Predator. A few lacerated spinal columns later and ‘Dutch’ takes it upon himself to reverse the predetermined roles assigned to him and his alien adversary, literally stalking and hunting a creature known as Predator. But, as it’s previous kill-to-death ratio suggests, Predator is perhaps the most lethal adversary one could face.

If all this sounds like it might interest you, then why not come down to The Abbeydale Picture House on Saturday November 11th for our showings of Alien and Predator

Tickets can be bought here.