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How is The Abbeydale Picture House run?

CADS Trust’s long-term goal at The Abbeydale Picture House is to restore the building, while keeping it open to public use. Luckily, the building still has most of its original features, including its grand plaster vaulted ceiling. However, it spent a long time being misused, derelict and underappreciated until various charity and arts groups came along to try to take the long road to full restoration. We are currently applying for long term large-scale funding, but as a small charity organisation, we are also running the building as a not for profit space while this funding is acquired, and taking small steps towards the incredible venue this building deserves to be.

This is a long term project – but one with a very exciting future. We’re very appreciative of everyone’s patience and support in the long road to renovation.

Photo: Danni Maibaum

As CADS is a small charity organisation with multiple sites to run, our core team at The Abbeydale Picture House consists of only 1.5 full-time staff members. Nick works on a three-day basis, overseeing most aspects of running the building. He is supported by a group of generous volunteers as well as interested partners who share their resources, ideas and time. The co-working space, Studio One, was partly conceived as a response to this resourcing challenge. Primarily, though, the Picture House is a community of of like-minded people who are all about collaborating, learning and creating, for example Inner City Weddings, who besides running an innovative and original wedding service also get involved by promoting gigs and sharing ideas.

Another important figure in ensuring the viability of the Abbeydale Picture House (and CADS as a whole) is CADS founder and trustee Steve, who started Studio One and still volunteers his time with us. We also have a number of contractors assisting with the renovation of the building, frequently offering us a reduced fee as they share our deep affection and vision for the Picture House and CADS as a whole.

We’re proud to have many regular partners who host events here, including Hendrika Stephens and the Antiques Quarter, EyUp Curators Collective, Reel Steel, Yorkshire Silent Film Festival and others.

Our events team is currently made up of Ryan Webster, Eimear O’ Donovan and Hannah Griffith, who look after all the events taking place here.

Our amazing staff are great at what they do, but none of our work would be possible without the help of our volunteers, who put their skills to use for us as well as picking up some new ones – from admin through to renovation and events stewarding. We also run continuous work experience programs for all ages.

The Abbeydale Picture House volunteer and intern group currently includes Deyar, Edith, Sasha and Kaya, who mainly work on admin and social media, and Katharine, a student from The University of Sheffield undertaking an oral history project here.

We can always use an extra hand – if you’re interested in volunteering with us, please contact

Ultimately, our goal is to run The Abbeydale Picture House as a successful arts and community venue. We are grateful for the time, assistance and patience of everyone supporting us in restoring The Abbeydale Picture House to its status as one of the foremost arts venues in Sheffield.



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